Need Help Planning? We Have The Guide To Suit Every Event

If you’re planning on hosting a corporate or social event, Entuk is here to provide you with an in-depth guide on making sure your event remains a memorable night for years to come.

Remember, the venue of the event is incredibly important and it serves as a foundation for the evening ahead. Why not think outside the box and go on a birthday party cruise or host a corporate harbour cruise? Find out more about hosting a Sydney harbour cruise here.

Starting & finishing the evening with a magical display

Every event needs fireworks, it doesn’t matter if it’s formal or not. Fireworks set the atmosphere for the rest of the evening, with feelings of relaxation and excitement. Find out about choosing the right venue.

You can even go all out and have more than one firework displays that are all completely different from one another. One at the beginning when the guests have arrived and another at the end – set your event apart from all the rest with a fireworks display.

Here at EUK, we recommend The Fireworks Shop. They supply fireworks to the public throughout the year, as well as advising you on what fireworks will most suit your event. Take a look at a variety of cheap fireworks selection packs that are on offer online.

First impressions matter

For business meetings, a way to bring additional revenue to the business is to host an event during a slow time period. If you plan it through a busy time, it will be much harder to provide a great enough service to the guests. Also, you will find it much harder to find the time to plan every little detail. Discover how to plan a conference.

Hiring staff for your conference or corporate event will add a professional touch as well as free up your valuable time for other things.

Experienced conference staff can assist with things like registering your guests and serving food and beverages. Click here to book conference staff nationwide.

If you’re aiming to attract potential customers here, it will be best to choose a time that will be most convenient for them. For example, if targeting parents the evenings may be difficult as they may have to find someone to look after their children – weekday mornings are typically best. Read more.


The best permanent makeup treatments

Although it may be a business meeting, there is no reason you can’t look your very best. There are various ways of doing this, including skincare and makeup treatments, but we suggest permanent makeup treatment. Find out about permanent eyebrows.

From the success rate of permanent makeup, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be thinking about it! Call 020 8995 2200 to book a consultation.

Permanent makeup treatments include:

  • Eyebrow tattooing
  • Lip liner
  • Eyeliner
  • Correction
  • Micropigmentation for men
  • Medical tattooing

Music to suit everybody

Many event organisers suggest a live band, but as the events world seems to change, the way people plan change. Before, live bands were the big hit; however DJ’s are now the number one choice when it comes to the music choice at an event.

It is important that a stage is set up amazingly, so the DJ can create a visual where the energy is kept high throughout the event. Typically, DJ’s are half the price of a live band. Look Loud offer music services to those in London. Find out more.

It also allows guests to request their own songs, ensuring them a fun evening.