Going it alone – guide to the singles holiday


Should I travel alone?

The stigma associated with singles holidays is not as prevalent as it once was, as more and more people are prepared to holiday alone or with an organised group of independent travellers.

At their inception, singles holidays were just that, a chance for singles to get away and mingle with other like-minded people. Today, however, these types of trips are geared to the individual rather than their marital status and those who choose to travel alone are just as welcome as any other holidaymaker.

Companies that specialise in single traveller holidays offer people the chance to meet others and visit exciting destinations in a safe and non-judgemental environment. More.

Finding Accommodation

Booking a holiday as a single can have huge financial implications; hotels are generally not geared towards lone travellers, and room supplements are costly; that’s why single travellers tend to book through Airbnb, whether it’s abroad or a staycation.

Booking with an Airbnb management company in Liverpool ensures you seek the best deals on single rooms or accommodations – Check out how they ensure the best stay for you. Here.

Things to make most of when travelling alone

Most tour operators offer a mix of guided and independent travel. Guides are unrivalled in their local knowledge and are always on hand with useful local information. Equally, they understand how important time alone is and will respect an individual’s wish to venture out alone, providing them with advice and tips on local attractions only if asked.

A singles holiday, above all else, is an excellent opportunity to meet new people, possibly even make friends for life. The number of lone travellers who return repeatedly is a testament to their continuing popularity.

The potentially awkward situation of sitting alone in a restaurant or the hotel bar is also eliminated on a singles holiday!

Benefits of travelling by yourself

Here are some of the top reasons why you should travel yourself:

  • Understand yourself more.
  • Brings you outside your comfort zone.
  • Cost-effective. See how you can save.
  • Allows meeting new people.
  • Learn to rely on yourself.
  • Boost confidence.