Getting past the first Date in Oxford

Oxford is a city of beautiful architecture, cute cafes and posh cocktail bars. However, when on a date for the first time this can all be quite daunting and suddenly the open top tour bus looks like a genuinely safe choice. Itchy are here to help you get the best mixture of down to earth charm and originality when stepping out with your new beau for the first time…

The all time ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it date’ option: The Ultimate Picture Palace
The old reliable cinema date option never gets too old and is always a help with the first date ‘what do we talk about?’ blues. On Cowley Road the gorgeous Ultimate Picture Palace’ offers up that old school charm that only an old cinema really can. The beautiful building conjures up thoughts of black & white movies and that waving-goodbye-and-running-alongside-the-train type romance. Go to the pictures with your new guy/gal and feel the ambience of the small setting whilst sipping away on your cloudy lemonade.

The  ‘oops I fell into your arms’ option: The Oxford Ice Rink
Although ice skating may bring back bad memories of parties when you were young where you were clutching to the sides of the rink in the sheer hope someone wouldn’t crash into you… Itchy promises if you revisit this activity now you will have a whole different view! We don’t want to remind you of all the successful rom com scenes featuring ice rinks (Serendipity, anyone?!) but come on, what could be more romantic that helping a loved one up after they’ve fallen over? (We didn’t even make a joke about ‘breaking the ice’…!) You’ll be dead chuffed when you realise there’s been no awkward silences AND you’ve not fallen over for at least ten minutes. It’ll be really ace, we promise.

The ‘I can only fit you in between 12pm and 12.30pm’ option: The Vaults & Garden Cafe
Have you ever found this little gem of a cafe? Great for a quick light bite and for a more ‘I’m breezy’ kind of date and to remind you just how gorgeous Oxford really is. Right in the heart of the city centre, at the University of Oxford, Church of St Mary the Virgin on Radcliffe Square and offering lovely seasonal, organic and fair trade food all from locally sourced places, it really is a lovely place to visit after or before a bit of me-time shopping, then a quick ‘I can fit you in now’ date. They even offer a 20% discount to students before midday and after 2pm.

The ‘let’s get drunk and be merry’ option: The Turf Tavern
One of the smallest pubs you may ever have seen, the perfect spot for a cosy pint and a getting to know each other chat. The 13th century Ale house has seen a lot and has so much character you can’t help but feel warm and wholesome by just being part of it. It’s pretty tricky to find down a little gap in the wall on Holywell Street amongst the colleges, but once you find it you’ll feel like you’re revealing the best kept Oxford secret. Itchy thinks you should find a spot by the fire and cosy up over some good beer and some good conversation.

The ‘let’s wine and dine and feel grown up’ option: House Bar
House Bar is another not so well known hidden gem (at the right before All Bar One on the high street, just down Blue Boar Street) and the perfect place for fancy after work drinks or just to take your latest crush to impress. It has lovely booths for intimate discussions and moody lighting that’ll be sure to get your heart all a flutter. The cocktail menu is a tad pricey, but they offer up a generous happy hour (5-9 weekdays, 5-8 Friday and Saturday) and they are made by some of the greatest mixologists in town. Itchy thinks this is the ‘I mean business’ date option!

There you go – that’s a lot of date options for you to be getting on with for 2017. Now it’s just about finding that one who will put up with you bragging about the cool places you’re taking them too. We wish you good luck and urge you to write some great comments below if our suggestions scored you a permanent relationship. Itchy is getting their hat at the ready!