EUK ventured to Nottingham

EUK ventured to Nottingham in search of Robin Hood, but instead we were delighted to find Blondie, segways, tapas, hot tubs, art galleries, caves, picnics and much more. Here’s what we got up to on our weekend in Nottinghamshire…

On the first night of our adventure we stayed at the idyllic Sherwood Hideaway, located on Thoresby Estate in the legendary Sherwood Forest, a drive from Nottingham town centre. Here we found rows of perfect, secluded wooden cabins, filled with wood burning fires, luxury bedrooms and the best showers we’ve ever experienced. Itchy was also lucky enough to stay in one of the Rustic cabins, which meant that we could luxuriate in our own personal hot tub as soon as we arrived – bliss.

Only one thing could tear us from the bubbling goodness: Blondie. Within 10 minutes we were standing in Sherwood Forest with a glass of rosé, waiting for Debbie Harry and co to take to the stage, thanks to The Forestry Commission‘s excellent idea to run open air concerts in their spectacular forests. And, boy, did she own it. Sporting a pretty insane camo-style leaf-covered robe over what appeared to be a bright pink track suit, she seemed to have got into the forest vibe. The forest itself was pretty awe inspiring; how often do you listen to live music surrounded by fifty-foot oak and birch trees? Itchy couldn’t quite believe that Debbie Harry is SIXTY EIGHT… We’d like to know her secret.

The next morning, after a quick breakfast (in the hot tub, obv) we ventured back into the forest, this time for a Go Ape Segway tour. (For those of you who don’t know what a Segway is, check out this video. Or this one.) We donned helmets and hopped into the geeky looking vehicles with a mixture of trepidation and childlike excitement… And we weren’t disappointed. After a short training period, we were led through a specially designed forest trail, reaching speeds of up to 30mph. Now, that might sound slow if you drive a car, but take our word for it, on a Segway, that feels like you’re flying. We absolutely loved it, especially because of the beautiful surroundings, and didn’t want to step off of our Segway when the time was up.

It was hard to tear ourselves away from the forest, but the city centre was calling.

We headed to Nottingham Contemporary art gallery to check out their current exhibition, The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things, but we got sidetracked by the cafe, Couture Nottingham. With delicious food, a great atmosphere and outdoor tables for sunny days, it was the perfect place to grab a bite to eat before exploring the city. We enjoyed their classic burger and fish burger with skinny fries – yum. Resisting the urge to eat all of the tasty-looking cakes on display, we popped upstairs to explore the gallery. After we’d seen a massive inflatable cat, the inside of a car and, of course, a model of a grown man’s leg emerging from a lady’s, erm, private parts, we felt it was time for some history.