Environmental Policy improves for 2017

Environmental Policy

Entertainment UK (EUK) recognises the importance of good environmental practice in the future development of its business. The company is therefore fully committed to playing an active role in reducing the organisations impact on the environment

EUK – Environmentally aware

The following principles are at the cornerstone of EUK’s policy in this area:
EUK is committed to the continual improvement of its environmental performance and to ensuring that all of the company’s activities comply with environmental standards and legislation.

Products supplied by EUK very rarely have an end of life. However EUK will work with relevant industry bodies to ensure that products are marked with recycling information at source.

EUK will aim to minimise the quantities of packaged goods and stationery that it uses, whilst ensuring the efficient operation of our business.

EUK aims to manage our resources to save energy; reduce waste; promote reuse and recycling; avoid damage to the environment and prevent pollution.

EUK will educate its’ employees, encouraging them to carry out their jobs in an environmentally responsible manner.

EUK’s business depends on the efficiency of transport systems provided by third party operators. The company will therefore encourage contractors to maximise load effciency and to use vehicles that are fuel efficient and which cause minimum exhaust emissions.