Welcome to EUK

Have you ever stood in a muddy field at a festival and wondered how all those music transmissions make it perfectly to the crowds?

Did you ponder the seamless delivery of your favourite reality singing / talent show and ask “How did they do that?”

Anyone manage to catch 2011’s high profile wedding of a certain royal and smile that they could avoid the crowds with a good ol’ brew and watch from home?

Well, wonder no more as that is what EUK take care of for you!

In a nutshell, EUK look after the frequency management of wireless sound and vision. This means that when you see the latest Top 40 celeb belting out the newest number one at the O2, the chances are we coordinated the spectrum that those vocals are travelling on!

We are the gurus in providing access to spectrum that is essential for mobility in broadcast production, entertainment and other similar activities.

EUK have been out and about over the years to get a real insight into what goes on at events such as Grand Prix, Glastonbury, The London Marathon, NFL, V Fest and the Open Golf and by doing so, we can really see what our customers needs are and do our best to make sure their broadcasts get out in tip top condition!

Take a look at our Major Events pages to see some of the other broadcasts, music and sporting events we get onsite at. We really enjoy being out and about in the field and supporting our customers!

On that note, we also love feedback – of all kinds – we would encourage you to send some thoughts over to us about how we do on a day to day basis and your experiences with us. Also, anything that you can suggest that could add even more value to our services!